See the Exhibition at Nordatlantisk Hus in Odense untill December 17 th, 2021!

2020 I travelled to Greenland and met young artists from Nuuk. They were humble and friendly and I was fascinated by their unique personal artistic work. They each in their own way work to strengthen the Greenlandic art scene. They are inspired by the world outside but at the same time they are very conscious about their own identity and culture.

The exhibition is about getting inspired by your own roots and at the same time looking outward to the world. Greenland is currently in an exciting development, but it is not often, that we hear about the art scene. The portraits give us a new understanding and perspective to the picture, we already have formed about Greenland. We often have prejudices and little knowledge about other cultures and countries. It is important that we get to know each other and gain new knowledge.

The exhibition was supported by Napa - Nordens Institut i Grønland.